Hello! Yes, that’s ME haha – welcome to my Kitchen! Pull up a chair, pour a glass of wine, and let’s chat.

With a background in Architecture/Interiors, art and design, and obsessive passions in cooking/entertaining (making and sharing the food), gardening (growing the food), antiquing (dishes to hold the food), product design (including making objects that hold the food) and travel (to eat more of the food LOL) it struck me – the Home Kitchen. That’s my jam. OH – and JAM! I do also make jam…

Having started alison kent HOME at the end of 2017, I really began to find myself in a whole new world of DESIGN aspects I was missing in the permit-bogged world of Architecture – and I love it. It gets all my creative juices flowing! I am thrilled to focus on designing Kitchens as an extension of all the things I already love, including the products I’m infinitely proud to share with you

SO, I hope you’re comfy – we’re going to explore Kitchen Design for serious home cooks and chefs at home, cooking, recipes/tips, kitchen wares, travel food, restaurants and so much more. I can’t wait to share all about alison kent HOME KITCHEN with you!

alison kent HOME KITCHEN thyme watercolor border graphic artwork

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